Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kasandra is the Victim

The news coverage this week has been inundated with the issue of gun control, when it should have been about the tragic murder of a beautiful young mother in the prime of her life. But, 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins,  murdered in cold blood, this past Saturday by her boyfriend Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, garnered little attention.

My heart breaks for the Perkins family and my prayers go out to them for their loss and to the young daughter who will grow up without ever knowing either of her parents.

I'm not particularly interested in sports, that's my husband's forte, but I was shocked by the news coverage. Kasandra, the VICTIM in this tragedy seems to have been forgotten, lost in a sea of spin from gun control advocates. The news media and pundits on every channel spouted statics about guns and violence or football related concussive injuries, anything to divert this horrific act away from  Jovan Belcher and the NFL.

There have been a number of theories as to why Jovan committed such a heinous crime from brain damage due to repeated head trauma to steroids or mental illness. We'll never know for sure. What we do know is he had a history of domestic violence going back to 2006, but no one is talking about that and no one is talking about Kassandra.

Instead, everyone is mourning the loss of Jovan Belcher. Teams have a moment of silence before games.  Really????  Where is the moment of silence for Kassandra?

Where is the discussion on domestic violence? Where is the outcry from the women's groups?

Jovan Belcher chose a profession knowing full well the toll it would take on his body, including his mind. Yet, he did it anyway. He did it for the money.

So, here is a reality check.

Mr. Belcher is not the victim. He knew what he was doing. He was an abusive, cold-blooded murderer and a coward.

Kasandra was the victim, as was her daughter.

This not about gun control and violence. Guns don't kill people; people without morals, values and self-control kill people.

This isn't about a head injury to football players and finding a way to excuse for horrific act, as some are trying to do; If Jovan could decide plays on the football field, he sure as hell knew the choice he was making when he pulled the trigger. He left Kassandra no choice.

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